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Occupational Therapy


Capital Kids Therapies, LLC in Concord provides child and family centered occupational therapy services to meet a variety of functional and developmental needs. 

Fine Motor Coordination

Fine Motor Coordination

Treatment designed to improve hand strength, ability to hold utensils and succeed at age appropriate skills such as fastening buttons and zippers, brushing teeth, tying shoes, coloring and writing. 

Gross Motor Skills


Treatment designed to improve balance, coordination, core muscle strength and body awareness to help your child succeed and enjoy age appropriate play.


Activities of Daily Living

Treatment targeted at improving your child's ability to care for themselves and follow a routine. We also have specialized programming for children who are Resistive Eaters. 


Sensory Integration

Our sensory system is designed to alert us to danger via sight, sound, smell, body movements or taste. For some children, their system is not "calibrated" correctly and their neurology is telling them that clothing or touch or sounds are a threat. Occupational therapy services can assist the neurological system with regulating sensation and improving the child's ability to function at home and in the community. 


Functional Vision

Functional Vision, also called ocular motor skills,  refers to how our eyes work together to allow us to see one clear image, scan our environment or pages of text and follow a moving object such as a ball. If our eyes are not working together, near vision activities can be frustrating and the child may be overwhelmed by visual information. They may be resistant to engage in reading, hygiene, self care tasks or become "heightened" and seek out movement during home and community activities.

Occupational Therapy


Speech Language Therapy

Speech Language Pathologists address all aspects of communication. They are skilled in the evaluation of language production, listening comprehension and social use of language. 


Speech Sound Disorders

Speech production refers to how a child sounds when they speak. A child's speech may be difficult for us to understand. This may be due to various motor/speech delays or neurological difficulty such as dyspraxia, cerebral palsy or stroke.


Language and Communication

Language delays and disorders refers to difficulties with either understanding and/or generating language.  This may include structural  difficulties such as grammar and syntax.  It can also include semantic or meaning-based challenges such as understanding vocabulary, retrieving known information, and remembering and/or understanding what they hear.   "Pragmatic" language refers to social use and contextual understanding of language. speech therapy Concord